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Peace, Violence & Progress

Andrew F. Williams (Coach Drew)
Executive Director
Youth Education for Success

This interdisciplinary social issues workshop take place over several days at the 2020 Conference. We will connect with different organizations and individuals to construct a better understanding of what's going on in our communities. Students will define and explore social problems related to peace, violence and progress—what causes those problems, how they impact different groups, and what we can do about it.

This workshop series will be led by Andrew F. Williams using a methodology designed to help high school students understand and engage with different social issues in their communities. Through this process, students will:

  • inventory and familiarize themselves with relevant community resources and organizations;

  • explore their own biases and schema and how they impact their own perspectives and opinions;

  • learn more about the historical and sociopolitical contexts in which problems occur;

  • gain a factual understanding of what is actually occurring;

  • define specific social problems that they care about;

  • examine the impacts and root causes of those social problems;

  • connect with organizations and people that are engaging with those problems, and learn about their different theories of change;

  • make a personal action plan for contributing to the work!

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