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Kanye said, "Slavery was a choice"

Part 1: Tuesday, July 17th 1pm

Part 2: Thursday, July 19th 10:30am

Part 3: Friday, July 20th 3pm

Justin Morgan
Founder, The Cafuné Project

This workshop will interrogate Mr. West’s statement about Africans making a conscious decision to be enslaved. His comments on TMZ in early May of this year sparked widespread outrage amongst his fans and the general public alike. Were Ye’s points unfounded or is there validity to his conclusion?


In “Kanye said, ‘Slavery was a choice.’” Participants will engage in critical conversations about willful vs. unconscious enslavement. Was slavery a choice for Africans and their descendants? How has the institution of Slavery evolved over time with evolution of civil rights and social justice? Is slavery a choice, now? Are some of us enslaved presently, and if so, what does that look like?


This workshop WILL NOT be an in-depth look at Slavery as an institution. Rather, participants will utilize primary-source documents as well as excerpts from prominent and lessor known slave narratives to highlight specific aspects of enslavement — some of which are applicable today. Participants will then center the conversation around themselves and unpack potential points of bondage visible in their own lives. The workshop series ends with a larger discussion about West’s concept of “Free Thought” and the implications of “free” vs. “curated” thought.

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