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#28Stories: Bay Area Black History

The #28Stories Project is an ethnic studies framework that challenges educators and students to push beyond the confines of Black History Month. It allows us to learn about, celebrate, commemorate and share the stories that aren't being told.


This workshop will begin by introducing students to the concept of "ethnic studies." Then we will explore specific stories in Bay Area Black history, including William Leidesdorff, Mary Ellen Pleasant, The Great Migration, Jazz in the Fillmore, Bill Russell, the Black Panther Party, the 1968 Student Strike at SF State, the Crack Cocaine Epidemic, Calvin Simmons, Tupac Shakur, Oscar Grant and more.

After exploring these stories, students will use the #28Stories model to research and tell stories that they feel are important to share. This will empower all students to share stories relevant to their own cultural backgrounds to experience ethnic studies firsthand.

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